Amma’s fish curry recipe

Amma’s Fried Mackerel


This recipe reminds me of my favorite Aunty (my best friend’s mom). She was Konkani and use to make most amazing fried fish. In this recipe, the masala is stuffed into the mackerel. Mackerel is the best fish for this recipe although you can use pomfret ( fish ) as well. This spice mix is very versatile and can be used to prepare many other fried seafood dishes. It can be made and stored in an airtight container for months like a pickle.
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Pomfret fish


Serve-3 to 4
Mackerels- 6
Kashmiri chillies- 12
Black peppercorns- 8
Garlic (peeled)-15 flakes
Cumin seeds- ¼ tsp
Turmeric -1 tsp
Sugar- ½ tsp
Tamarind – 5g
Kosher Salt- to taste
Apple cider/ Vinegar-as required
Oil for frying
1. Clean the fish leaving the heads. Remove the fins and entrails. From head to tail, make a slit, cutting right down to the bottom of the fish on one side of the centre bone. Be careful not to cut off the side completely. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the fish, and wash the fish well. Add salt to the insides of the fish and keep aside. Prepare the other mackerels the same way.
2. Use a food processor to grind all the spices in vinegar. Use enough vinegar to get a thick smooth paste.
3. Stuff the spice mix paste into each mackerel very evenly on both side and shallow fry in hot oil. If you want, you may cut off the head after frying. Leave the head intact initially to ensure that the masala does not spill out while frying.
4. Fry and serve immediately along with some fresh tomato and mint salsa.

You can also call this Mama’s Fish Curry Recipe

CHEF TIPS: If you think that the spice mix will spill out while frying, you can use a piece of trussing String. Tie the trussing string securely so that you have closed the opening fully. Cut and discard the string once the frying is done. This can be served as a very good cocktail snack. Enjoy Your Nice spicy mackarel fish curry

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