Asafoetida Chutney(Hinga chutney)

Aayi makes two kinds of chutneys. One is hinga chutney and the other is alle chutney (Ofcourse she makes other chutneys also, but these two look similar). I never used to bother about which should go with what dish. But recently I am becoming specific about traditional food. So I was getting confused about these two chutneys. Yesterday while talking to Aayi, she gave me a simple answer, “make ginger chutney with anything prepared with urad daal, like dosa, idli etc and make hinga chutney with any other food like bhakri, buns etc”. Isn’t that a very clear and simple answer???. Now my basics are clear!!!.

Coconut 1 cup
Green chillies 4
Asafoetida(hingu) a pinch
Tamarind 1/2 tea spn

Grind all the ingredients with little water.

Serves : 5
Preparation time : 10min

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