Banana in Sweet Coconut Sauce (Pengat Pisang)

Banana! What can I say about this tropical fruit. It is healthy, full of potassium that is good for our health and variable in taste and sizes. They can be as big and long as a tusk or as small as our thumbs…Well, maybe slightly bigger. But what matters most, banana often be the choice of many of us as they are easy to find. Besides eating them raw, we also fry them with batter, mash them to make delicious dumplings, wrap them in a banana leaf and grill them or turn them into sweet dessert the local way. Me and my family always love to eat bananas. Often they would disappear very fast before I can savour some for myself. The kids would pick one by one banana and would leave me with the skins. When I got a few bunches of bananas recently, I started to think of pengat pisang, or bananas that are cooked in sweet coconut milk. I know that my daughter loves this and when it is cold, it will be even better! So, here is the recipe if you would like to do it my way! Enjoy!


10 medium sized bananas, cut into half
1/2 cup sugar, or as desired

800ml – 1 liter coconut milk
1 cup water, if needed
1 cup palm sugar powder
a pinch of salt
2 screwpine leaves
some cinnamon powder


1. Put coconut milk, sugar, palm sugar, screwpine leaves in a pan. Heat the pan and cook the mixture thoroughly until they become bubbly. Stir well in a medium heat to ensure that the coconut milk will not ‘break’ into small ‘cheesy like’ lumps. If you want more broth, you can add in some water.

2. Add in the bananas and cook for a few minutes until the bananas become softer.

3. Serve in a bowl and sprinkle some cinnamon powder to enhance the taste.

*Serves 3-6 people

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