Beans Stew

I don’t have any idea why it is called stew. Aayi used to prepare this. I don’t know where this is originated. I read somewhere that stew has to include coconut milk, but it is not used in this dish. This dish is definitely better than the simple french beans side dish.

1. French beans (cut into long slits) 1 cup
2. Potato (cut into round slices) 1
3. Onion (cut into round slices) 1
4. Turmeric a pinch
5. Pepper powder 1 tea spn
6. Ginger (crushed) 2” piece
7. Oil 1 tea spn
8. Salt

Heat oil and add ginger, beans, potatoes and onions. Add little water and turmeric. Cover the lid and cook (alternatively the vegetables can be cooked in cooked and used for this recipe). When vegetables are almost done, add pepper powder and salt. Cook till completely done and water is absorbed. Serve hot with chapathi or rice.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 30min

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