Chakka Varatti/Jackfruit Jam

This is my MILs recipe. On her visit here, she gave us one box of chakka varatti. I am busy finishing it as my MIL is in the process of sending the next box.

Let’s see the recipe

Jackfruit cooked and blended – 1 Liter
Jaggery/Sharkara – 1/2 kg (You can increase or decrease the amount as per the sweetness of jackfruit)
Ghee – 150 – 200 gms

Optional: For flavoring you can use, either ginger powder or cardamom powder if you like.

First, prepare sarkara pani (jaggery syrup) by boiling some water along with jaggery. When it is of somewhat thick consistency, switch off the stove. Pass through a sieve to remove any dirt. Keep this aside.

Pressure cook jackfruit till it gives 3-4 whistles. Now run the cooked jackfruit pieces through blender.
Keep this aside.

Now if you have uruli at home, use it by all means for cooking Chakka Varatti.


if you are like me, start with a nonstick kadai.

Mix blended jackfruit along with jaggery syrup in a kadai. Switch on the stove and start stirring. When it starts to thicken slightly, pour ghee little by little. When it reaches a consistency like the one shown in the first picture, switch off the stove. Lightly grease a plate/bowl with ghee and you can spread this. When cool, pack this well and refrigerate. It keeps well for a year and an absolute time saver. Chakka varatti works best as a filler for making Ila Ada, kozhukatta, or a small spoonful to your mouth from time to time.

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