Chapatti Recipes deja vu

As kids one of our most regular and staple food involved chapatti.
It is a wonderful food that can be consumed in a variety of ways and i am sure many people will at some part of time would have had invented their own chapatti dish over time. Chapathi was king when i was a kid , we had it in all sort of combinations possible. These chapatti combinations were at times invented due to pure laziness , sometimes inventive behavior and sometimes due to lack of time.

What is chapatti ?

chapatti indian bread roti
Chapatti is a favorite bread throughout India. Chapatis are one of the most common forms in which wheat, the staple of northern South Asia, is consumed. Chapati is a form of roti (bread). The words are often used interchangeably. While roti refers to any flat unleavened bread, chapati is a roti made of whole-wheat flour and cooked on a tava (flat skillet).

Here are my top chapatti combinations that i enjoyed over time

Chapatti with Jam
This needs no instructions , just ladle some jam over chapatti and start munching
Chapathi with achar ( mango achar, Lime pickle achar , chundha)
Just have chapatti with pickle of your choice for a quick snack ,yummmy
Chapatti with tea
Roll a chapatti and dip it in your cup of tea and munch away
Chapatti with Ghee
Chapatti with ghee on it and maybe a little chat masala if you dare.
Chapathi with butter
Pick the chapatti pieces and sprinkle sugar over your dollop of butter in your plate and pick into the butter with the chappati

Most of these dishes served as a quick meal because at most times there was always a container full of chapattis at home.For those new to the chapatti combination recipes , you could also in some instances substitute chapatti with either naan or then roti. but it might not taste the same.
If you have a nice chapatti dish you think you can contribute just leave a comment below or then email me at
Recipes By jeff
Extra Chapatti recipe Contributed by yuvraj mane
as recieved by email below

We generally have extra chappatis left behind. The next day you cannot eat it.
What you should do is give it a tadka.
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Green chillies
(I have not given the quantity. It depends on no. of chappatis.)
Procedure –
Make small pieces of chappatis. Cut onions (slightly bigger pieces dont finely chop). Put oil in a pan. Put jeera, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies and peanuts. Stir it till peanuts become brown. add pieces of chappatis. Mix well.
Finely chop corriander and sprinkle on the top before serving.
Its easy to make. And I like it. Hope you will like it too.

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