Classic Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Making your own homemade homemade ice cream recipe in your hand churner is an old fashioned treat that the best commercially made ice creams cannot match. The texture and creaminess is out of this world and is sure to please everybody. At one time, people had to wait for the iceman to deliver their block of ice so that they could make their homemade ice cream recipe.

Old Fashioned Treat That Cannot Be Beat

Nowadays, you can easily pick up ice in bags or get it from your freezer and you are almost ready to prepare your homemade ice cream recipe. To increase the amount of ice cream that you create, make your ice cream mixture the day before you freeze your mixture. You will have to follow the directions that came with your churner which will specify how quickly to churn your ice cream at the different stages of its creation.

When you are making your homemade ice cream recipe, it is important that you do not allow the ice cream to melt at all because this will cause a loss of some of the creamy texture and volume. You can add fruit, nuts and candy to your chocolate homemade ice cream recipe.


2 oz. chocolate
2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1 cup whipping cream
1 cup cream


1. Place the chocolate and the milk in a double boiler over water. Gently melt the chocolate into the milk.
2. Add the sugar and the salt to the chocolate milk mixture. Take the double boiler away from the heat and begin to whip the mixture with a wire whisk until the chocolate milk mixture is cooled and frothy.
3. Add the vanilla, whipping cream and cream to this mixture. This is your ice cream mixture. You can now save this mixture for churning the next day. You can garnish this dessert with chocolate sauce, peppermint candy and caramel sauce.

When it is time to churn your ice cream, you will need a few extra hands to help you churn your homemade ice cream recipe, which is great because, everybody can feel that they contributed to this great treat and it adds to the fun and enjoyment of this frozen dessert. Ice cream is always a great favorite for people everywhere and you can build happy memories for your friends and family by adding ice cream churning to your repertoire of fun activities for everybody.

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