Coconut Pancakes/Mutta Kuzhalappam/Madakku San

I suppose if Kerala Porottas go on a strike, men may go teary-eyed and start one of a kind revolution called Porotta Revolution. How hard if these men ask their wives to cook one at home?

Until the advent of OTG, Kerala kitchens were mostly Maida-less. It is not that we had any strong aversion for white flour, but pretty much lifestyle was simple and choices were few. My home was no different. Talk to my Dad about Porotta and he can start a revolution, all for a good cause – health. For me, over the years eating something with maida has become a guilty pleasure. Can’t say our home was cent percent flourless as we consumed far more wheat than any Keralite would do, which could easily throw us Mallus to shame, for we were supposed to be the primary consumers of rice.

Of course rice flour was always there. Kerala household is not a typical one without rice and coconuts. It is rare to see a Malayalee who does not own a coconut tree in his/her lifetime. Proud owners of coconut trees and even more disappearing paddy fields, Huh!

These were the occasional pancakes I have grown older with. Mummy neither explained why it made an occasional entry nor I ever asked. Now I know she was keeping family’s health in forefront. Whenever it is made, I used to indulge in it like a luxury. The great Vasco who touched Kochi has left many Portugal ways and I believe this is one among them. For the same can be seen in Goa also, only with a difference of palm jaggery being used.

If ever Great Porotta Depression strikes, I’m sure this pancake is gonna see glorious days as it is easy on stomach.

For the crepes
All purpose flour – 2 1/2 cups

Water – 3 cups

Egg – 1 No.

For the filling 

Grated coconut – 1 cup

Sugar –  6 tsp

Cardamom powder – 3-4 Nos. crushed

Prepare the filling by mixing grated coconut, sugar, and cardamom powder. Keep aside.

Mix egg, all purpose flour and water to make batter. Pour the batter on to a tawa to make a crepe. Once it is done, remove from the pan. Place the filling in the middle of the crepe, fold, roll and pop into your mouth. Yum. Proceed to make all the crepes in succession. Serve warm or else it may go soggy.  

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