Deep Frying in the Patio

Who does not love Deep Fried Food? They taste good makes us feel happy but the only downside is the whole house smells of oil as there is no proper aeration in the kitchen. The job of sending out the fumes were done by chimneys in the kitchens back home and I don’t remember the whole house smelling of oil and the smoke smell clinging to everything. But in the house here, when we getting ready to get it built we forgot to mention or rather did not know enough to ask the builder to have the exhaust vent outside which some of our smart neighbors have done. It is a disaster especially during the cold winter months because the smoky oil smell clings on to clothes and pretty much everything. We do have an exhaust fan but the air is circulated back into the house so there is not much help. We have devised a few ways to get around this sticky problem with 3. being the most popular.

1. We (I) cook deep fried food rarely.

2. Boil water + Distilled White Vinger (in the raio of 5 : 1)in a pot while deep frying, the oil fumes are neutralized by the Vinegar fumes to a large extent.

3. We have a propane stove, the one we use for cooking when camping. We put this on the patio and cook vadais, pooris and other deep fried delicacies. The kids love this as they get to watch the food being quicked real and close and eat it as it comes out the pan. Have to admit the adults have a lot of fun too.

4. Deep Fried food is something that takes a little bit of effort and hence encourages baking/broiling and a realization they taste just as good.

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