Karanji/kajjikayalu – Diwali Special

On the occasion of Diwali people all over the country prepare best dishes at
their home.
There are so many varieties of Diwali dishes. However, Sweet
kajjikayalu is the special dish that do not have a substitute on Diwali.
One major advantage of kajjikayalu is that it can be stored for weeks and
used as dessert as well as snacks. It can be eaten anytime of the day and
makes a great tea time snack. The sweetness of the kajjikayalu is subtle that
you can easily have 2 to 3 kajjikayalu without filling heavy.

Kajjikayalu is a traditional andhra sweet. Kajjikayalu is prepared by rolling out
balls of maida dough into thin pooris and filled with a mixture of dry
coconut, jagri/sugar, fried Channa dal and cardamom powder and deep fried.

Kajjikayalu Dough Ingredients:

1 cup Maida
1 cup Wheat flour
salt to taste
water for preparing dough
oil for deep frying

Dough Preparation:

Mix maida and wheat flour and enough water to make a smooth and soft dough.
Close with a lid and keep it aside for 1 hour.

Filling Ingredients:

1/2 cup dry grated coconut
1 cup Fried Channa dal
3/4 Sugar/Jaggery
8 – 10 Cardamoms

Powder Preparation:

Transfer greated Jaggery and cardamom powder, Channa dal and coconut powder
and grind it like a fine powder.


1.First divide the dough into small lemon size balls.
2.Now roll them into thin pooris.
3.Fill the stuffing(Channa dal mixture) close both sides using the kajjikaya mould.
4.Press the ends together firmly. Make sure that the edge is closed firmly so that
the filling doesn’t come out during the deep frying.
5.If you see the wholes better to stick both the corners of the poori by applying
water or milk so that it will seal properly. Remember not to apply too much
of water
as it will not seal properly.
6.Heat oil in a kadai. At a time leave 3 or 4 kajjikayalu and deep fry on both sides
till they turn into golden brown.
7.Remove from oil and allow it to cool. Then store in an air tight container.

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