Keerthinidhi Kesarisingha – Kannada Historical Fiction penned by Chitra Amma!

So mum (Chitra Amma aka  Chitra Ramachandran) is a BIG history buff! She and my aunt (Vidya Murali) are particularly fascinated with history of Mysore and surrounds.  Their book Keerthinidhi Kesarisingha is an enthralling historical tale of courage and valour, based in Tippu Sultan’s times!  After many years this pet project saw light of day as a blog, and now its  finally got published! Its a rich book with colourful illustrations by my aunt. Most friends and acquaintances reading the book, say that its like watching a movie!

Now that its published, we are amateurs in the publishing world and figuring out how to reach it to the audience!!!  If you read Kannada and love books – this one is for you! Its a wonderful book for children (12 years and up), youth and anybody with an interest in Kannada literature!

Here are more  details about the book:

About Keerthinidhi Kesarisingha 

Chukku Bukku Review

Prajavani  Review

Facebook Page:  This page keeps getting updated with very interestinghistorical  trivia, and sample illustrations!

Also check out the home-made video preview for this book below or  here in Facebook.