Lemon Chicken with Spinach

The first time that I tasted these flavors together was at a local mid-eastern restaurant.  Luckily they had an open kitchen so I could watch them prepare my meal. All it took was a handful of fresh ingredients that melded together creating a light flavorful dish with a clean finish. 
Everything about this dish expresses,“Fresh and Clean”.  Lightly seasoned pan fried chicken breast, served with a garlicky spinach and tomato sauté, then finished with a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s the perfect way to lighten up the New Year, simple, satisfying and refreshing.
The sauce (which my husband and daughter loved) has the consistency of broth. 
For a more full bodied dish dredge the chicken in flour before pan frying, that step will thicken the sauce to make it more like a gravy and bump up the garlic to 4 cloves to give the sauce a bit of punch.  Also add the chicken back into the pan with the spinach to allow the flour coating to thicken the sauce.
I sliced my chicken before adding the spinach so that the pan juices would seep between the slices, flavoring each piece individually.  But it is not essential.
2          Tbsp.               olive oil
2                                  boneless skinless chicken breast
                                    kosher salt and pepper to season chicken
2          cloves              garlic, minced
1          large                tomato, chopped small
10        oz.                   fresh baby spinach
½                                 lemon, juiced
¼         tsp.                  kosher salt
1/8       tsp.                  black pepper
Heat a large sauté pan over med high heat and add the olive oil.  Season chicken on both sides with kosher salt and black pepper.  Place the chicken in the pan and cook for 4 – 5 minutes per side, depending on how thick it is.  Remove from pan and lightly cover with foil to keep warm.  In the same pan add the garlic and tomatoes; cook for 1 minute.  Add spinach and cook for 1 more minutes or until wilted.  Add lemon juice, salt and pepper; toss to mix.  Use a tong to place the spinach on the plate next to the chicken and pour the pan drippings over the chicken.

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