Well, Maggi Noodles are a big hit in every household. Everyone has been
addicted to Maggi Noodles at some point of time. Kids who don’t like vegetables
they will eat in to it.


1 Pack Maggi Noodles

1 Small cup of vegetables like beans,Carrot,Peas,Green peppers etc..

1/2 Onion

Water – as required

2 tbs Oil

5 Soy chunks


1. Heat oil in a pan. Add chopped onions, saute them.

2. Let the onions become light brown Colour.

3. Now add the vegetables and little bit of salt.
4. Cover to cook on medium heat
up to 10min.

5. Break the soy chunks like a small pieces and mix it into pan.
6. Add water and
Maggi masala powder and stir well.

7. Break the Noodles into small pieces and mix into the cooked vegetables,
and cook till water
is evaporates.

8. Vegetable Noodles is ready to Serve.

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