Magizhampoo thenkuzhal also called as mullu murukku is one of my favourites.This crunchy muruku is often prepared for Krishna Jayanthi and Diwali.As I am not an expert in making suthu muruku I often end up making this.

Magizhampoo Thenkuzhal

Rice flour: 1.5 cups (or Raw rice: 1 cup)
Split yellow moong dhal: 1/3 cup
Bengal gram dhal (Kadala paruppu): 1/8 cup
Salt: 1 tsp
Black sesame seeds: 1/2 tsp
Melted butter/ghee: 1.5 tablespoons
Asafoetida: a pinch
Oil: to fry
Water: 1 cup (approx)


  1. Wash 1 cup of rice and allow to dry for around 2 hours on a white cloth/tissue
  2. Grind this to a fine powder in a mixie and sift it well
  3. Alternatively 1.5 cups of store bought rice flour can also be used
  4. Dry roast the moong dhal and channa dhal seperately ( Make sure it is not fried too dark.Switch off the flame once it starts changing the color slightly)
  5. Allow this to cool and grind it in a mixie. Sift this as well
  6. Now mix all the ingredients and prepare the dough by adding water little by little (I used around 1 cup of water).
  7. Pipe the murukku in the butter paper and fry them to golden brown on both the sides (Should be cooked until the sound subsides)

Do not roast the dhals too much.Otherwise the murukku will be dark
If adding sesame seeds, make sure it is clean without stones.Otherwise there are chances of bursting
Also make sure the flour is sifted well to avoid bursting

Mullu murukku

Step by step pictures

Magizhampoo Thenkuzhal

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