Potato in coconut curry(Batate Song)

If I claim I have a Konkani food blog, anybody will ask the question “have you blogged about our great Batate Song??”. If my answer is “no”, then I definitely can’t claim of having a Konkani food blog. All I meant to say is, Batate song(do not confuse this song with English ‘Song’) is a very very famous dish and every Konkani person is a great fan of it.

I still remember, when I was a kid, we visited my maternal grandmother’s house in Sirsi(A place near the Sahyadri mountain range, very famous for its Marikamba temple) on every summer vacations. My grandmother was a great cook. (I still wonder where our older generations learnt so many great recipes). She always prepared this for us. This dish tastes great when made real spicy.(It usually is of beautiful red color as if one has prepared it only using chillies. I could not get the real color for my picture. Thanks to the hopeless red chillies I have).

This dish is prepared more than one ways, I will post the one my Aayi follows.

Potatoes 3 (big ones)
Onion 2
Coconut 1 and 1/2 cups
Tamarind extract 2 tea spns
Red chillies 7 (Add as much as your taste buds can tolerate)
Oil 2 tea spns
Coriander seeds 1 tea spns

Cook potatoes, peel them and cut into big pieces. Chop onions into medium size pieces.
Fry coconut(without oil) till it turns just reddish. Grind with coriander seeds, red chillies and tamarind extract to a very smooth paste.
Heat oil and fry onion till they turn translucent. Add potatoes, ground masala and salt. If required, add a bit of water and let it cook till the masala is completely cooked and gravy is thick.
Serve hot with rice.

Serves : 5
Preparation time : 25min

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