Pumpkin-Peas Masala(Dudde randai)

In North Kanara, people grow pumpkins. So the leaves & stem of pumpkin is also used for this dish(If leaves are used, toor daal is used instead of peas). In the treditional recipe, dried cocum is used instead of tamarind.

1. Pumpkin pieces 1 cup
2. Peas (Soaked overnight) or black eyed beans or Toor Daal(cooked) 1 cup
3. Coconut 1/2
4. Tamarind juice(kokum(2) ) 1/2 tea spn
5. Red chillies 4-5
6. Salt
7. Teppal(Szetchwan pepper or Jummana Kayi) 4-5

(Please go to Teppal to get more information about Teppal).

Grind coconut and red chillies(If tamarind is used, grind it with this masala). Cook Pumpkin and peas(or daal) seperately(If they are cooked together, pumpkin cooks faster and becomes like a paste).
Mix all other ingredients with masala & cooked pumpkin , peas (or daal). Cook for 10 minutes.

Note: Teppal should be crushed a little & used for more aroma. It should not be ground with the masala. If kokum is used, it should be added while cooking the masala.

Serves : 5
Preparation time : 30min

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