Rava kesari/Sooji Kesari is a popular south Indian sweet. It is so simple to prepare.
Rava kesari is often made on religious occasions as prasad(offering to God).
1 Cup Bombay rava/ sooji
1Cup sugar
4 tbs ghee ( if you like to add more ghee u can add)
1 tbs cardamom powder
15 cashew nut
15 raisins
3 Cups water
Pinch of orange food color(or saffron) (optional)(I am not using)
1. Heat 1tbs ghee in a pan. Fry cashew nuts and raisins and keep them aside.
2. Take the same pan add 1 tbs ghee and add rava. Fry the rava till nice aroma
comes out.
3. Add water slowly and gradually stirring all the time so that no lumps are formed.
4. Add the sugar, cardamom powder and remaining ghee, cook for 10 min on
medium heat.
5. Pour into a greased plate and cut into shapes if desired.
6. Finally decorate with cashew nuts and raisins.

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