Recipes Chicken Rica Rica, Indonesia Typical

Hello This time menumantab, will provide a recipe typical of Indonesia, namely chicken cooking recipes rica rica. OK Here’s ingredients, recipes that you have to prepare

The main ingredient :
1 chickens were
1 cup cooking oil
300 cc of water

6 red onions
2 tomatoes
4 garlic
1 ginger
1 tsp sugar
100 grams of red pepper

Recipes Chicken Rica Rica, Indonesia Typical

How to cook :
Clean the chicken and cut into 4 pieces
Heat oil and then saute the ingredients until evenly distributed and fragrant
Add chicken and cook until the spices evenly
Add a little water and cook the chicken until half cooked and lift
Grilled chicken over medium heat, in lumeri with herbs that have been provided.

Well I hope the article above recipes can help you who want to try recipes Indonesia

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