Spring Onion Soup

I read this somewhere. They were using palak and other leaves also for this. But I had only spring onions. I usually bring a lot of different vegetables whenever I go to market. I never think what I can cook with those vegetables. Then while cooking I do some R & D and make something out of it. Sometimes it comes out well, but most of the times, it straight away goes into dustbin. Usually I post the recipes here, only if I feel they are edible.

1. Spring Onions 1 small bunch
2. Milk ½ cup
3. Butter 1 tbl spn
4. Pepper powder ¼ th tea spn
5. Salt

Heat butter and fry chopped spring onions for 3-4minutes. Grind the fried onions. Add sufficient water, milk and bring it to boil. Add salt and pepper powder. Serve hot.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15min

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