Steps to Keeping Your Kitchen Safe: Buffet Rules

There are a few simple steps to ensure germs do not spread at a buffet.

1.) Make sure food is kept at the proper temperature. Hot food should be kept hot, and cold food should not be allowed to warm up. Keep food hot with a burner underneath, and keep food like shrimp cold by keeping it on ice.

2.) When taking seconds, thirds or fourths, it’s wise to use a clean plate each time. If the serving spoon touches a person’s plate, germs are transfered into the main dish, and therefore germs are spread to every person who takes food from that dish.

3.) Never sneeze or cough near a buffet. The germs will travel through the air and onto the food. Try to leave the room or move far away in anticipation of a sneeze or cough.

4.) Don’t use a serving implement in more than one dish. If there is nothing to serve with, ask for another utensil. Dipping serving spoons in more than one thing will cause cross contamination between dishes.

5.) Don’t leave food out longer than needed. When the buffet is closed, food should be put away as quickly and efficiently as possible. Refrigerate, freeze, and throw out food as appropriate. The longer food stays out, the more bacteria will multiply.

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