Sweet Puri(Buns)

I was thinking about blogging about this typical konkani style Buns from many days. But recently one of my visitor, Seema, requested for this recipe. So I thought of blogging about it without any further delay.

‘Buns’ is a very famous Konkani dish usually prepared with pumpkin or ripe bananas. Usually when we get the big pumpkins at home, a veriety of dishes are prepared using them. It will be cut into big pieces and some of the pieces go to neighbours and relatives who stay in nearby places. The remaining pieces are dried under the sun and kept for a few days.

Since I love pumpkins, my parents keep it till I go home for some vacations and then cut it and the usual procedure I explained just now goes on!!. Isn’t it so sweet…. Ahh…I am missing my parents now…Well, I think I am becoming too emotional!!.

Pumpkin pieces or ripe banana pieces 1 cup
Wheat flour 2 cups
Jaggery or Sugar 3/4th cup

Cook pumpkin pieces (ripe bananas are directly used without cooking).
Grind pumpkin/bananas, Jaggery(or sugar) to a smooth paste(preferrably dont use water).
Add wheat flour and salt to the paste and kneed the dough(Puri dough consistency). Preferrably keep the dough overnight.
Make puris(a bit thicker than normal puri) and deep fry in oil.
Serve hot with chutney.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 20min

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