Swiss Chard Stir Fry

 Swiss Chard sambhar is by far one of my favorite way to cook it. A stir fry with just the minimum ingredients is another tasty way to enjoy these greens. Even the kids absolutely loved it.

Swiss Chard stir fry
1. 1 bunch of Swiss Chard washed and chopped including the stems – 3 cups
2. 1/2 cup onions
3. 4 red chilies split
4. seasonings: 1/3 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp urad dal, a few cumin seeds and curry leaves
5. 1 tsp oil
6. salt to taste
7. 1 tbsp coconut grated

1. In a pan heat oil, add the urad dal first, when it starts to brown add the mustard seeds and cumin and when the mustard seeds start to pop add the curry leaves followed by the red chilies
2. Add the onions and saute till they are slightly brown
3. Add the greens and let them cook till they are soft. Do not cover but cook in low medium heat
4. Add salt, sprinkle the coconut

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