Tomato Halwa

The freshly bought red ripe tomatoes reminded me of the delicious Tomato Halwa which my aunt prepared for us, long long long ago. I immediately decided to make the long forgotten delicious dessert for my grand son who joined us for lunch today. 

Tomatoes ( Firm, red and ripe medium size tomatoes) – 4 
Cashew nuts – 10 + few for garnishing 
Ghee – 2 tbsps 
Sugar – 1 cup 
Cardamom powder – 1 pinch 

1.Grease individual cups (or a plate)with ghee, line the base with a few cashew nuts and keep them ready before starting to cook. 
2. Wash and chop the tomatoes into cubes. 

3. Heat two tsps of ghee in a pan and stir in the chopped tomatoes. 
4. Cover and cook on low flame till the tomatoes become soft, and allow to cool. 
5. Grind the cooked tomatoes and the cashew nuts together into a smooth paste without adding water. Do not bother if it is juicy and watery. 
6. Pour back the paste – which will measure up to one cup – into the same pan and add one cup of sugar. 

7. Keep stirring and cook till the Halwa thickens and becomes like jelly. 
8. Add cardamom powder and ghee, and cook for a few more minutes. 
9. Remove before it crystalizes. 
10. Pour the halwa into the greased cups (or a plate). 

 When the halwa is set, loosen around the edges using a knife and invert the cup on to a plate. 

Remove the cup and enjoy the ‘sweet’ smiling Tomato Halwa with children.

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