Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi is celebrated as festival  in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra
and Sindh.  While it is called Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in
Maharastra it is known as Gudipadva. Sindhis, people from sindh celebrate 
the same day as their New Year day Cheti Chand. Symbolically, it signifies
thanks giving to celebrate bounteous crops as well as signaling the end of
an old era and the beginning of a new era.
The name “Ugadi” came from Yuga+Aadi which means “Beginning of a New 
Age”.  It is believed that the creator according to Hinduism, Lord Brahma started 
his work  of creation on the Chaitra suddha Padhyami(Ugadi). the onset of sprint 
also in some way simbolically marks the beginning of new life. The new life seen 
in the fields and meadows, with colorful blossoms, also signify prosperity and well-being.

Imporatance of Ugadi Pachadi:

This festival begins with prayers and eating of the traditional tamarind sauce 
called as”Ugadi pachadi. The Ugadi pachadi is one such dish that is 
synonymus with Ugadhi festival. The Ugadi pachadi is made with Neem 
buds or flower, Jaggery, raw mango chopped into small pieces and tamarind 

Each of the ingedients of the Ugadi Pachadi has a significance. The jaggery, 

raw mango pieces, neem flowers, and tamarind, which truly reflect life- a combi-
nation of sweet, sour and bitter tastes! This mixture, called “Ugadi Pachadi” 
in Telugu and “Bevu-Bella” in Kannada, symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture 
of pleasure and pain, which should be accepted together and with equanimity.


1 piece Raw Mango
Below 1/4 tbs salt
Below 1/4 tbs Red chilly powder
Below 1/4 tbs dry Neem flowers
3 tbs Tamarind Juice
1 tbs Jaggery


1. Wash the mango with water and chopped along with skin into small pieces.
2. Take a bowl. Mix all the above ingredients to make the Ugadi Pachadi.

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