The special food offered to man by Nature is sprouts. Of all the food items 
man eats, sprouts are undoubtedly the best, the purest and the ones with 
the most nutritious value. This type of food can supply you plenty of all 
types of vitamins and minerals. This is a natural food to enable you to lead 
a natural life. This is a natural food filled with pranic energy. It is very difficult 
for man to survive exclusively on fruits and vegetables but if he can eat 
sprouts plentifully, he doesn’t have to eat anything else.

Health benefits of sprouts:

1. At the time when the seeds start sprouting, the percentage of vitamins,
and proteins increase enormously. The same way carbohydrates
    reduce to a certain percentage.

2. Once we soak them in water, 10% water increases in them(for sprouting).
    As a
result there is a greater chance for the increase in the nutritious value.
3. If you reason out why the sprouts are appreciated as the best food, it is 
    only because they have an increase of proteins which protect the body. 
    During the period of sprouting, the carbohydrates are separated very 
    minutely, and the seeds suck the nitrogen prevalent in the atmosphere 
   around. The carbohydrate is now changed into amino acids which can be 
   digested very easily. This is the reason why content of carbohydrate is 
   reduced more in the sprouts than in the dry seeds. So the proteins formed 
   thus are more easily digested than the proteins we get in other food items.
4. The sodium(salt percentage) helps in a quick digestion at stomach and at
    small intestines. It also helps in driving out carbon dioxide in the body.
    Since this sodium content enormously increased in the sprouts, this food
    can easily be digested.

5. Vitamin ‘C’ content is very less in dry seeds and dry food material. But 
    when we soak the very same seeds in water, to give rise to sprouts, they 
    suck the atmospheic values. As a Result the percentage of ‘C’ vitamin is 
    vastly increased. Since vitamin ‘C’ is more in the sprouts, the proteins get 
   diffused quickly. also this vitamin ‘c’ hastens the movements of Iron in these 
   sprouts into blood from intestines.
6. When these sprouts are being formed the enzyme Amilaze available in them
    converts the carbohydrates in them into easily digestable sugar in the form 
    of glucose or sucroze. The same way proteins are divided into amino acids 
    and amides. Due to the enzyme – lipaze. Since these changes take place only 
    when the seeds start sprouting, this type of food easens the task of digestion 
    for the intestines, thereby reducing the effort of the body.
7. It is but natural to have some gas(air) in the intestines. It is a healthy sign 
    too! Oligosaccarides produce this gas in the intestines. These Oligosaccarides 
    are present more in the dry seeds. These Oligosaccarides reduce to 90% when 
    the seeds are soaked and when they are developing sprouts.
8. These sprouts contain more of fibrous material which in turn enables a free
9. These sprouts by nature have more of water content as a result you don’t feel
    thirsty while eating or after eating them. 


1. You may doubt how much quantity of sprouts you should eat per day.
There is
no prescribed quantity as such. It depends on you!
You can eat as much as you can.
It is better to eat a larger quantity.
But of course if you are a beginner, you increase
the quantity slowly,
day by day.
2. Other sprouted lentils can also be used in place of Channa.


1/2 cup kala Channa sprouts
1/2 Tomato
1/2 carrot
1/2 cucumber
1 layer lettuce
1 green chilly
1 tbs lemon juice
salt to taste


1. Wash and chop the tomato, lettuce, green chilly.
2. Now take the carrot and cucumber, Peel off the skin and grate nicely.
3. Steam cook the sprouts by sprinkling water and adding a pinch of salt.
4. Take a bowl and add cucumber,grated carrot,lettuce,tomato,cooked 
    sprouts,salt, green chilly and mix well.
5. Finally add the lemon juice and mix well.

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